EclipseStore supports monitoring using the Java Management Extensions (JMX) framework.

Enable JMX

Please see how to enable JMX.

Provided JMX beans

By default, all provided beans use the domain

Storage-specific beans have the key storage. The value comprises the string storage and an increasing counter.

Channel-specific beans have the key channel. The value is composed of the string channel- and an increasing counter.

The provided beans are:

name description

Provides information of the storage LazyReferenceManager. There is only one instance of this bean.,name=EmbeddedStorage

Provides information about the amount of persisted data.,name=EntityCacheSummary

Provides information of the storage entity cache,name=ObjectRegistry

Provides information of the storage object registry,channel=channel-X,group=Entity cache

Provides information of each channel’s entity cache,channel=channel-X,group=housekeeping

Provides information about the storage’s channel housekeeping