Client GUI

Based on the REST API we provide a client, which serves a convenient web user interface to browse through the storage data.

It is a runnable jar which starts a simple web server which then can be accessed by a browser of your choice.

Since EclipseStore version 1.1.0 The Client GUI requires Java 17 to run!

To download it use the following Maven command to download it into the current directory.

mvn dependency:get{maven-version}:jar -Dtransitive=false{maven-version}.jar

or this direct link:

Start the client. The port parameter is optional, default port is 8080.

java -jar storage-restclient-app-standalone-1.3.1.jar --server.port=8888

Then just open http://localhost:8888/ in your browser, select the base URL of the REST service and click connect.

rest client gui

Now you can browse through the data of the storage:

rest client gui2

Or view the statistics:

rest client gui3